Kinvolved Web Migration & Redesign

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Redesign and migrate Kinvolved's website from WordPress to Webflow to increase flexibility, turnaround time and security.



I began with an analysis of the existing WordPress website. We dissected its structure, content, and functionality to ensure a smooth transition to the Webflow platform. Our team devised a comprehensive migration plan, encompassing content transfer, design adaptation, and seamless integration of crucial plugins and features.

The content migration process was executed meticulously to prevent data loss and ensure consistency across the site. Our design experts worked closely with the client to translate their vision into the Webflow environment. Leveraging the power of Webflow's visual design tools, we crafted a responsive and aesthetically pleasing layout that aligned perfectly with the brand's identity.

Elevating the UI/UX

After doing a deep dive into the aspirations for the new website and the pain points of the existing site, we strategized a transformation that extended beyond technology, focusing on elevating the user experience. The WordPress website's content was meticulously migrated, preserving its essence while enhancing the layout's responsiveness for diverse devices.

Webflow's robust capabilities empowered us to design interactions that encouraged exploration. The main goal was to blend aesthetics with functionality. Integrating custom animations and intuitive navigation, we ensured that users would embark on a captivating digital journey.

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The Webflow-powered website delivered an immersive user experience that resonated with the brand's ethos.

  • Reduction on load times
  • Improved mobile responsiveness
  • Reduction in bounce rates
  • Increased session duration
  • Improved conversion rates

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