Hello! I’m Runy.
A creative and designer based in Brooklyn.


Brand Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Data Visualization


Product Marketing Manager
Creative Director
Associate Designer
Manifesto Communications
Graphic Designer
Africa Society
As a creative with a diverse skill-set, my experience spans across various fields of design.

I am an experienced web and brand designer. My goal is always to create cohesive, functional, and visually stunning experiences.
I adopt a user-first approach to inform my design process and to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that elevate user experience whether designing a brand, or the UI/UX of a landing page or app.

As a Tableau Developer, I create data visualizations that turn complex data sets into actionable insights. I create dynamic and interactive dashboards to help clients make informed decisions and improve their business operations.

I enjoy capturing images that quickly tell stories and evoke emotions through photography and videography. This ability to capture the essence of a moment has been recognized by clients in various industries, from product to wedding.

With this diverse set of skills, experience, and expertise, I always strive bring a unique perspective and approach to every project, and to deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations.