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UI/UX overhaul for Kinvolved's mobile app, merging web-exclusive features seamlessly.



One of the key challenges was to integrate web-only features into the mobile app without overwhelming the users. I began by thoroughly studying the existing web app and identifying functionalities that could be adapted to the mobile environment. Based on user feedback of the mobile app, we ranked the top asks as follows:

  1. Simplify recording attendance
  2. Edit recorded attendance
  3. Ability to select reasons for lateness or absenteeism
  4. Update settings from mobile
  5. Simplify selecting message recipients
  6. Visualize attendance data
  7. Select students by tier
  8. Add ability to write notes
  9. Ability to message students or parents

User Journey

I reimagined the user journeys, paying attention to an intuitive workflow for teachers in a classroom. Clear and concise tooltips and in-app guidance were incorporated to assist users in navigating through the app's expanded capabilities.

User Testing

Additionally, I conducted usability testing using Webflow to prototype and gathered feedback from both educators and colleagues. This iterative process allowed me to fine-tune the design and address any pain points that emerged during testing. The final mockups were delivered to the engineering team to develop.

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The end result was a revamped mobile app interface that not only retained its user-friendly nature but also integrated previously web-exclusive features seamlessly. Educators could now easily access and manage student attendance data on the go, bridging the mobile-web gap effectively.

  • Simplified navigation
  • Revamped the color palette for vibrancy
  • Integrated web functionalities cohesively

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