Point 5 Brewing

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Product photography for the launch of Point5 Brewing's transition to cans for their non-alcoholic beers.


The process began by selecting an array of aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and lighting setups that would accentuate the sleekness of the cans.

The focus was to pay homage to the iconic bottle while seamlessly introducing the new can design. During the shoot, each can was positioned thoughtfully to capture its unique features, with a nod to the brand's original bottle packaging. The shoot emphasized the label's intricate details and the vibrant colors that have become synonymous with Point5 Brewing. The goal was to evoke a sense of familiarity while embracing the innovation of the new can format.

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The images not only highlighted the evolution of Point5 Brewing's packaging but also conveyed a sense of nostalgia. By carefully preserving the essence of their previous design, the company was able to smoothly introduce the can as a fresh and exciting chapter in their non-alcoholic beer offerings. The images successfully bridged the gap between tradition and progress, making the transition a visually engaging and inviting experience for both loyal customers and newcomers alike.

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